Swiss Café Konditoria
local coffee shop – confectionary and Finland´s northernmost chocolate shop


Ovomaltine & Caotina

Ovomaltine tuotteet
Caotina suklaajuomat
ovat saatavilla nettikaupasta

Käsintehtyjä Suklaaherkkuja

on saatavilla nettikaupasta


“The somewhat different coffee shop in downtown Muonio”

Come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, a slice of salty pie and some of our homemade cakes and sweets in a relaxed atmosphere.


We carry a selection of souvenirs and handicraft like wool sweaters, wool mittens, hand-painted textile vests. Thru-out the coffee shop we have a large exhibition of photographs from the stunning Fell Lapland’s landscape and the amazing Northern Lights/Aurora borealis.
Thomas Achermann’s gallery is located in the coffee shop.

Opening Hours



we are open

every day*

10:00 – 17:00


* 24.12.2022      10:00 – 16:00
* 25.12.2022      11:00 – 17:00